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The DP700 DRO is a powerful and intuitive DRO that is housed in a rugged, ergonomically designed casting. The DRO features all of the essential functions for milling, boring, turning and grinding. 

Features can be customized to fit the operator and include: 
• Bolt Hole Circle Routine 
• Arc Contouring 
• Polar Co-ordinate Readings 
• Line Hole Routine 
• Programmable Memory/Teach 
• Tool Offsets 
• Axis Summing 
• Feed-Rate Display 
• Linear and Segmented Error Compensation 
• RS-232 Output 


The DP700 is compatible with Newall’s Spherosyn and Microsyn encoders which withstand the harshest shop conditions. 

  • Clean, crisp LED’s.
  • Wide Viewing Angle.
  • Intuitive Message Window.
  • Long Life Membrane Keypad.
  • Solid Cast Construction.
  • Save, Low Voltage External Power Supply.
  • Five Year Warranty – Three Year No Fault. 

All Newall Systems are 17-22 days backordered at the minimum. 

If you don’t see the correct system for your machine listed or you have any questions please call us at 800-285-5271 and we will be happy to help you find the correct system or part for your machine. 

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