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H&W Machine Repair and Rebuilding

Technical Support

Are you working on your Bridgeport and having trouble with disassembly or reassembly?  Then this page may be just what you need. In this section of our website, you’ll find “How To” instructions as well as a list of parts you might need to complete the repair. If you have any questions or suggestions for new pages give us a call at 800-285-5271 for personal service.


Talk to a Technician

If you need technical support you can call us at (800) 285-5271 or (260) 422-0020, Monday through Friday 7 AM – 4PM EST, and ask to speak to one of our technicians.  They can also be reached by the emails listed below. 
  • Randy – Electronics, DROs, CNCs

    Nathan – Servo Repair

    Please call 800-285-5271 and ask to speak with him regarding your tech support questions. 

Instructional Videos

Written Instructions

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