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Newall Digital Readouts

Newall’s Digital Readout Systems offer exceptional value with leading-edge technology and productivity-enhancing features. Designed for use with the Spherosyn and Microsyn linear encoders, the DRO Systems are well known for providing the best solutions for any machine application. With rugged die-cast chassis and wipe-clean front panels, these displays are built to last.


Newall NMS800 Systems

The Newall Advantage

• Backed by a company with over 50 years of proven reliability in manufacturing DRO systems & linear encoders
• Encoders carry an IP67 rating – All electronic and measuring components are sealed from the environment
• Continually provides accurate readings even under the harshest shop conditions
• No cleaning or maintenance is required
• Tolerant to shock and vibration
• No glass or tape to break or scratch
• Ease of installation—no backer bar or machined surface required

Systems Include:
• NMS800 Display
• Display Mounting Arm
• Head Mounting Bracket Kits
• Encoder Assemblies (including): Serial reader head, Scale Tube, Brackets for scale tube


  • Clean, crisp PMVA LCD display with wide
    viewing angle
  • Lathe, Mill, and General Purpose functions
  • Self-Sensing Encoder Input
  • Available in 2, 3, or 4 axes
  • User-definable function keys to shortcut to your most common features
  • Linear and angular readings
  • Stand-alone or panel mounting

Five Year, Three Year no Fault Warranty Included!

The NMS 800 Digital Readout (DRO) is the newest in Newall’s range of premium readouts. The DRO hosts many productivity-enhancing features that will increase machine tool efficiency. The NMS 800, when matched with Newall’s Spherosyn Serial and Microsyn Serial encoders, provides years of maintenance-free, trouble-free performance. Newall’s inductive encoders are simple to install and designed to provide consistent accuracy and reliability even under the harshest workshop conditions.

Newall Encoders

newall encoder 1
Designed to work exclusively with Newall’s digital readouts, the Spherosyn and Microsyn encoders embody a truly innovative design in which all of the electronics and measuring components are sealed and protected. The encoders carry an IP67 environmental rating and will continue to provide accurate, reliable readings even when fully submersed in water, oil or coolant. No other linear encoder matches the durability and reliability of Newall’s reader heads and scales.

Because of the large quantity of available Newall Encoders and related items we do not list all products for sale on this page. Please call us at 800-285-5271 for price and availability on any Newall Encoder, reader head or repair to your current Newall product you do not see listed here.

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