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February 2022

scrapes n’ flakes February 22


Brake Shoe Installation in a Bridgeport Step Pulley Head


Video Instructions

Video Instructions

Written Instructions

Written Instructions


Brake Shoe Installation in a Bridgeport Step Pulley Head


1. Remove the Motor Locknuts by removing the locking handle, locking collar and washer on each side of the Motor.

2. Remove the Motor and Motor Pulley from the top of the Belt Housing by lowering the V-Belt below the pulley and lifting straight up off the belt housing


3. Remove or loosen the two Small Set Screws in the top of the Spindle Pulley Bearing Sleeve.

4. Remove the two Cam Ring Pins from the Spindle Pulley Bearing Sleeve. Depending on the condition of the cam ring pins you may need a small screwdriver to help force the worn pins out (see video)

5. Remove the Cam Ring from the top of the Belt Housing. You may need to pry the ring up if it does not remove easily.

6. Remove the six Socket Head Cap Screws that are attaching the Belt Housing to the Bull Gear Housing. You may need a Dead Blow Hammer to loosen the belt housing from the bull gear housing.

7. Lower you Quill down to the bottom of the travel using the Quill Handle. This is to aid in the removal of the belt housing.

8. At this point you can remove the Belt Housing from the Bull Gear Housing by lifting and tilting the housing forward. The Timing Belt may offer resistance (see video)

9. Remove the Spindle Pulley Bearing Sleeve assembly by tapping it down through the Belt Housing. There are 4 Springs that fit under the sliding housing assembly and are in the underside of the belt housing. Keep track of the springs for reassembly.

10. Using a 1/2″ wrench remove the three Hex Jam Nuts and the three Lock Washers below the nuts. Once they are remove flip the Belt Housing upside down.

11. Remove the three Brake Ring Screws that are holding the Brake Shoe assembly down.

12. Spread the new Brake Shoes and put on of the Brake Ring Screws. Spread the other side over the Brake Lock Stud then screw all three brake ring screws all the way down to tight.

13 Reinstall the three Lock Washers and Three Hex Jam Nuts using a 1/2″ wrench.

14 Install the four compression springs back into the four holes in the bottom side of the Belt Housing. I suggest you use a little grease on each spring to help hold them into the housing when you flip it over.

15 Slide the Belt Housing down over the Spindle Pulley Bearing Sleeve. Make sure to line the threaded for the Cam Ring Pins to the slots in the belt housing as close as possible.

16. Reinstall the Cam Ring onto the Belt Housing. You may want to put a thin layer of grease between the cam ring and the sliding housing.

17 Reinstall the Cam Ring Pins into the Spindle Pulley Bearing Sleeve. You may need to use a small punch to align the sliding housing to the slots in the belt housing. A small block of wood under the sliding housing will also help. Once you have the cam ring pins in reinstall the two Small Set Screws.

18 At this point you want to make sure you reinstall the V-Belt. Tuck it up on the largest slot on the Spindle Pulley to keep it tucked up and out of the way.

19 We are now ready to reinstall the Timing Belt. It is easier if you remove the Timing Belt Pulley Flange from the top of the Timing Belt Pulley. There are four Small Screws holding it on.

20 Once you have worked the Timing Belt back onto the Timing Belt Pulley you can lower the Belt Housing back into place and reinstall the six Socket Head Cap Screws. You may need a Dead Blow Hammer to tap the housing back into place. At this point you can reinstall the Timing Belt Pulley Flange.

21 You can now reinstall the Motor and Motor Pulley onto the Belt Housing. Once the motor is on reposition your V-Belt onto the desired pulley position.

22 Reinstall the Motor Locknuts and lock the Motor into position.
You have now installed a new set of Brake Shoes into your Bridgeport Series I Step Pulley head. Give us a call at 800-285-5271 to answer any questions or to order the parts you need to complete this operation.