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Sharp Machinery

Why Choose Sharp for ALL your Machine Tool needs? 

For over 30 years, Sharp Industries Precision Machine Tools has been supplying high quality machine tools worldwide with more than 150,000 Sharp precision machines. The name Sharp stands for enduring precision and long machine tool life…a statement that defines not only the machines we manufacture and sell but the very spirit of our company. Our products feature intelligent design, high-grade materials, and a craftsman’s attention to detail. The result is a reliable, long-lasting machine tool trusted by machinist everywhere. As our product line has expanded, so has our ability to inventory, ship, and support all the machines we manufacture. 

Reasons to consider Sharp for all your machine tool needs: 

Sharp is a high quality, one-stop machine tool supplier with a complete product line of metal cutting machines ranging from conventional vertical and horizontal milling machines, lathes, surface grinders, cylindrical grinders and radial arm drills, to a full featured EDM line. In 1992, we started producing a world class CNC Vertical Machining Center line. Today, the CNC line includes not only Vertical Machining Centers but also CNC Lathes up to 5-axis controlled, high precision CNC Screw Machines, high speed Drill and Tap Centers, high performance Horizontal Machining Centers which includes lights-out automation. So if you’re looking for high quality, low maintenance, and competitively priced machine tools, look no further. 

Each and every machine is fully tested and ready to function upon installation with design and construction that enables easy maintenance. And if you ever need assistance, our nationwide dealer support team is second-to-none. They not only sell and stock machines but also provide a highly trained service and support team. You will have peace of mind when you purchase a Sharp, no matter where you are located geographically. Sharp is here to stay and offers a 24-7 technical support line. With a 30-year rock solid track record, you can be sure that Sharp will continue to supply parts and service for every machine we manufacture and stand behind our machines in the future just as we have in the past. 

We are constantly evaluating and acquiring new technologies that will help us serve you better and quicker than any other machine tool manufacturer. From the very first call, you’ll appreciate our service and precision. You’ll find personnel who know the machines inside and out, and who are supported by a technical library designed to provide the information you need to choose the right machine for your applications. 

We are committed to serving you better and more efficiently.