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Acu-Rite Scales

Acu-Rite Scales

Only with Acu-Rite’s precision glass scale technology can you be assured that the encoder on your machine tool is checking its actual position thousands of times in every inch of travel.

An Acu-Rite 1um precision glass scale has 1,270 accurately placed chrome lines per inch, each of which a photoelectric reading head detects as it slides across the glass.

This give Acu-Rite’s precision glass scales a fundamental measuring interval 10 times finer than the nearest alternative encoder technology.

Acu-Rite’s precision glass scales and encoder optics are enclosed in an aluminum housing with sealed, die-cast metal end caps which make them virtually unbreakable during standard machine tool usage.

To enhance system durability, the glass scale and sensor are protected from the environment by a recessed, highly chemical-resistant, interlocking lipseal to further prevent the entry of metal chips and other contaminants. A nickel-plated armor cable offers additional protection and allows for a tighter bend radius. Acu-Rite also applies a conformal coating that seals the wires and circuitry inside the reading head, leaving little chance of failure.

Because of the large quantity of available Acu-Rite scales and related items we do not list all products for sale on this page. Please call us at 800-285-5271 for price and availability on any Acu-Rite scale, reader head or repair to your current Acu-Rite product

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