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Detailed ACU-RITE DRO 100

The DRO 100 LCD Digital Readout System is the most cost effective, entry-level digital readout system in the Acu-Rite family of displays. The DRO100 incorporates 7-inch color display technology, with basic features. Designed and manufactured in the USA, Acu-Rite readouts are the first choice of machine tool builders and users alike.

Dynamic Zoom: The currently moving axis can be geographically highlighted. In “dynamic zoom” mode, the position value is zoomed to it’s maximum size depending on the number of digits. This greatly improves legibility–especially from a great distance.

Installation Guide: When you switch on the digital readout for the first time, the DRO100 supports you with an installation guide. You are led step-by-step through the most important settings until the device is ready for operation.

Day/Night Switching: Depending on the ambient-light conditions at the machine, you can switch the screen of the DRO100 to a light or dark background.

The D100 does not have a Bolt Hole Function
Each system comes with an Acu-Rite DRO100 Readout Box, 2 ENC150 Precision Glass Scales, Scale Mounting Hardware and Readout Mounting Hardware.

If you don’t see the correct system for your machine listed or you have any questions please call us at 877-965-9072 and we will be happy to help you find the correct system or part for your machine. NOTE: Sale price on systems includes trade-in of your old working or non working system, call for details.