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H&W Machine Repair and Rebuilding

Machine repair and Rebuilding Services

Please call us at 800-285-5271 to receive a quote for your machine rebuild.

  • We have extensive experience in the area of Bridgeport repair and rebuilding, in fact, we rebuild over fifty Bridgeport Mills and over two hundred Bridgeport Heads per year. During our rebuilds, we clean and inspect the machine, make any required repairs, and grind and then hand scrape the ways on the saddle and knee. Our founders were taught the art of hand-scraping ways during their apprenticeship at International Harvester in the 1950s.  We also sand and hand paint the machine and make repairs to your ancillary equipment.

    Complete Bridgeport Series I Rebuild Information

  • Just because we specialize in Bridgeports doesn’t mean that we never work on anything else. We can get parts for and repair most mills, lathes, and grinders; including Sharp, Monarch, LeBlond, Acer, Clausing, Lagun, South Bend, Hardinge, Brown & Sharpe, and many more!

    Do you have a machine that isn’t a mill, lathe, or grinder? We repair those as well! We have had large Bullard boring mills, American radial arm drills, and even small Mikron hobbers in for repairs. We can handle almost anything that you may have in your machine shop. 

  • We also offer on-site service for all your mechanical needs. We can come to your facility and inspect your machine, lube system, hydraulic system, etc. and get it back up and running for you. We can also conduct PMs for you. Give us a call or email us if you want more information on pricing. 

  • If you decide you want to upgrade to a new machine, we can assist you with that.  All of our sales personnel are well versed in the different machines we offer and can help you decide what will work best for your shop. 

    We are distributors for Sharp and Willis machinery, including any new Sharp mill, lathe, or grinder.  Additional options include adding Digital Readouts, Servos, power drawbar systems, or any kind of tooling you might need.  We can also install a brand new Acu-Rite MillPwr G2 onto any new mill. 

    If you want something a little cheaper we occasionally have used machines for sale

Detailed Information on Machines we Repair and Rebuild

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