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Clausing 2VS Milling Machine w/ 2-Axis MillPWR | 9″x49″ Table | 3HP R8 VS Motor


Please call 1-800-285-5271, email [email protected], or click on the “Request Quote” button below for a PDF quote with accessory pricing. 3-axis model shown, Z-axis control not included with this model.

*Pricing is subject to change at any time.

Machine Quote Request
Clausing Mill Brochure

Clausing Knee Mill is driven by variable speed sheave pulleys using a V-belt from motor to a manual variable speed assembly that adjusts the infinite variable speed range by turning a dial. High Low range shift mechanism provides the correct torque for your manufacturing application. One of the heaviest mills in its class, and designed to deliver all the power, precision, and versatility you will need to handle milling jobs in your manufacturing facility.

Three phase voltage refers to three individual lines that connect to and run voltage through the motor. Each line alternates in a sequence as it reaches its voltage peak. This provides for a more stable flow of voltage and more horsepower to the machine.

Machine is also available with a 30T spindle

  • Precision Ground and Hardened Ball Screws
  • Powerful DC Servo Motors Assemblies
  • Closed Loop Feedback using ACU-RITE Precision Glass Scales with (1mm/.00004 Resolution)
  • 1GHz Celeron Processor
  • 12.1” Flat Panel, High Resolution Color LCD Display 3D Graphics
  • Large Internal Part Program Storage Capacity 2.5GB Flash
  • RS-232 Port for Downloading from an Offline Source
  • USB/Ethernet for External Storage
  • Remote Stop/Go Switch
  • Modular Construction
  • Maximum Table Feedrate of 100 IPM
  • 2-axis Control/3-axis Readout
  • Tree Style File Manager
  • Menu-prompted, Conversational Programming
  • Block Form Solid Model 3D Graphics (w/user override)
  • G-Code Program (w/extended support plus G80 series drill cycles)
  • Program Size Limit (9,999 steps)
  • Auto Save Program
  • Estimated Machining Time
  • Position-Trac™/Find Home: Quickly find workpiece zero after power loss
  • 3-D Tactile – Feel, Color Keypad
  • Graphic View (line / 3D)
  • ACU-RITE Precision Glass Scale:
    • Better Accuracy
    • Repeatability
    • High Resolution
    • Closed loop feedback
    • Proven reliability
  • Jog Control: One Axis or two axes simultaneously
  • Remote Stop/Go Switch: with hand-held switch
  • Travel Limits: With software not costly switches
  • Engrave: Alphanumeric references into parts
  • Tool Offset Compensation
  • 99 Multiple Datum’s (fixture offsets)
  • Tool Library
  • Hard Key Milling Functions, Select routine functions (lines, arcs, rectangles, circles, etc.)
  • Bolthole Calculations: Calculate Full & Partial Circles
    • Linear Row/Column
    • Rectangle frame
    • Rectangle array
  • Mirror/Repeat/Rotate
  • Custom Pocket and Islands (ramp feed and optimized path)
  • Skew : Save Time Aligning Parts
  • Bend
  • Explode
  • Feed Rate Override
  • DXF File Input
  • Teach Position
  • Edit Capabilities
  • Reference Tables
  • Math Functions: Standard/Trigonometry/Geometry/rpm

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