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Acu-Rite IBT400 Lathe Systems


Lead time varies between two and thirty days. 

Please pick your system from the pulldown:

Acu-Rite IBT400 Lathe Systems

IBT400 Turning System comes standard with:
– 4 axis IBT Adapter
– 5um Longitudinal Scale (HLV comes with 2 1um scales)
– 1um Cross Scale
– Brackets for scales and DRO box. All systems come with Universal vertical mount for the Cross Slide and Longitudinal (HLV excluded). Specific machine mounting may be available, please contact for special order.

Acu-Rite bases their scales size on reading length, not overall length.

To get the correct size system you need to know your travel length. If you are unsure of how to find your travel length please give us a call and we can help you figure out which size you need. The sizes listed are only a fraction of the sizes available. Please call if you don’t see the size you need listed.

If you have any questions please call 1-800-285-5271

Call to see if you qualify for special pricing!

1393366-04 (IBT400-0620) 7″x20″ System Sized for Hardinge Toolroom Lathe
*This system comes with Hardinge HLV specific mounting.

1393366-02 (IBT400-0640) 6″x40″ System

1393366-06 (IBT400-0830) 8″x30″ System

1393366-08 (IBT400-0840) 8″x40″ System

1393366-13 (IBT400-0860) 8″x60″ System

1393366-21 (IBT400-1060) 10″x60″ System

More systems are available. If you don’t see your size please give us a call.

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