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Sharp TMV-DVS | 10″x54″ Table | 3HP R8 DVS Head


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This model is constructed with box ways. The vertical head is equipped with Digital Variable Speed.

This model has many unique features compared with most of the similar machines on the market.

The quill is CNC ground to a mirror finish and chromed to fit the housing resulting in close to jig bore accuracy for quill downfeed.

Tapered gibs installed on the ways allows easy adjustment for long term usage.

The feed handles are designed to spin free which eliminates the friction between the operator’s hand and the feed handle.

The bottom of the saddle, instead of the top of the knee ways,  which rides on the knee, is hand scraped for better oil retention and prevent dirt and chips from embedded in the knee ways.


  • 10 x 54 ins table, 16.3 x 39  ins  travel
  • R-8 spindle, 3 hp ,
  • Digital Variable Speed (60-4,500 rpm)
  • Spindle runout of no more than 0.0002” TIR
  • Hardened and ground box ways, column, base
  • Head tilt side to side, up and down
  • One shot lubrication with back flow valve
  • Tapered gibs for adjustment
  • Dual clamps on knee and saddle that locks the knee and table evenly to the column and saddle to avoid skewing. Handles on the clamp are adjustable to 12 different positions.


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