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Complete Bridgeport Series I Rebuild

Complete Bridgeport Series I Rebuild
Once we have your machine in our service area we will disassemble and evaluate the head and the base. We will contact you and discuss our findings. The normal rebuild is $9,900 – $10,400 (this is dependent on the extent of the damage). The rebuild should take four to six weeks to complete once started. Please give us a call at 1-800-285-5271 with any questions you might have.
1. Remove and clean all external components on the machine (power feed, DRO, Power Drawbar, etc…) as required for completion of the proposed repairs. 

2. Remove the head from the knuckle, knuckle from the ram, ram from the turret, turret from the base, table from the saddle, saddle from the knee, and knee from the base. 

3. Clean and examine all base components for damage or excessive wear. 

4. Grind the top, sides and way surfaces on the table as required to proper flatness and alignment. 

5. Grind all way surfaces on the top and bottom of the saddle to proper flatness and alignment. 

6. Grind all way surfaces on the top of the knee to proper flatness and alignment. 

7. Hand-Scrape the top of the saddle to the bottom of the table to proper fit. 

8. Hand-Scrape the saddle/table gib to proper fit. 

9. Hand-Scrape the bottom of the saddle to the top of the knee to proper fit. 

10. Hand-Scrape the saddle/knee gib to proper fit. 

11. Clean and flush the lubrication system, checking all lines for crimps and abrasions, repairing as required and install new oil meters (10 required). 

12. Install new acme screws & nuts into the X&Y axis on the base. 

13. Install new felt way wipers on the base of the machine (6 required). 

14. Reassemble and test each component of the base for proper operation. 

15. Set-up and test run the head for proper operation in all speed and feed before disassembly. 

16. Disassemble and clean each component of the upper head, inspection for damage or excessive wear and informing you of problems we find that will be over and above the standard rebuild. 

17. Install new upper head bearings, bushings, belts, and keys into the upper half of the head (these parts are included in the cost of the rebuild). 

18. Remove the spindle, disassemble, clean and flush the bearings, repack with new high-speed grease, reassemble and test for proper operation. 

19. Reassemble the head and test for proper operation

20. Hand-paint the mill machine gray 

Please call or email for current quote and timeframe. Freight to and from our facility is additional. If you need help with shipping please contact us for a shipping quote.