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Milling Machine Head Repair And Rebuilding

Bridgeport Milling Machine Head Repairs

We repair and rebuild Bridgeport heads, along with taking trade-ins.  For our head refurbishments, we also inspect and repair any issues in the quill housing and upper housing. We also replace all the belts, and most of the bearings. Please note;  spindle bearings are only changed if they require it. We also install new bushings, keys, and the heads get a new paint job .

Local On-Site Service

We also offer local on-site service for all your mechanical milling head needs. We can come to your facility and inspect your machine head,  and get it back up and running for you.  Give us a call or email us if you want more information on pricing.


Other Milling Machine Heads

We also service and rebuild Sharp, Lagun, Acer, Clausing,  Alliant,  South Bend,  Chevalier,  Acra,  Comet,  Jet,  G&L,  3VS and 3VK machine heads.  If you don’t see your head type or brand listed here,  please give us a call at 1-800-285-5271, so we can discuss the repair or rebuild of your machine head, along with options and pricing.