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Servo Power Feeds

Detailed Information


Put The Industry Standard Power Feed To Work For You

  • Smoother Cuts
  • Longer Tool Life
  • Increased Productivity
  • Available for table, cross, or knee feeds

Get a smoother surface finish, higher accuracy, and better repeatability. Reduce operator fatigue and increase your productivity, while you increase tool life. With SERVO Products’ electronically controlled power feeds. Now, your class 1 manual mill can deliver semi-automated machining with superior speed regulation, ramping and dynamic braking. Plus Servo Products’ power feeds feature an integral safety clutch and circuit breaker for overload protection.

Type 140 is a half-sine wave control that gives better power and durability. It is the choice of the two types for applications on the knee of the mill.

Type 150 is a full-sine wave control that gives better control and dynamic braking. This is best seen in the superior finishes given at slow feed rates.

Note: Servo Power Feeds and limit switch assemblies are not designed or warranted to be waterproof, water-sealed, or airtight. Caution must be taken at all times to protect the unit from coolant, etc. Failure to do so may result in the warranty being voided. All Servo power feeds come with a one-year limited warranty.